Duration of the academy 13. July-21. July 2024

Registration takes place online at www.saengerakademie-schloss-hartenfels.de

Conditions of participation

Active participants are asked to prepare at least 5 German-language arias from opera, operetta or oratorio and 10 art songs from the German-language repertoire, ready for performance.

The participants receive one voice lesson and one coaching daily.

In addition, they have the opportunity to take part in the Oratorio course, ensemble and choir rehearsals, and the art song course.
A German Diction course is offered for non-German speakers.

Auditing participants have the opportunity to attend all courses, events, and concerts.

Accommodation is held in hotels, youth hostel and guest houses in the city. To a limited extent and with timely registration, active participants have the possibility of free accommodation in private quarters.

Course fee for the entire period:
450.00 € active participants
If you register before April 30, 2024: € 400.00
€ 50.00 auditing participant

Scholarship prizes of € 500 will be awarded.

Information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dagmar Schellenberger

Since the summer of 2018 I have been teaching at the Singers Academy in Torgau. Accompanying the younger generation of singers from all over the world and providing impetus for a successful entry into the practice is a great and challenging job. Prospective singing colleagues can count themselves lucky to receive lessons in this unique atmosphere of the castle and the whole city as well as the opportunity to participate in public concerts. In a short time, a big colorful family grows together, whose cohesion can be felt and experienced over the years.


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