Active participants have the chance to apply for an award.

Award of the Audience:
500,00 €
Award of Lions’ Club Torgau:
500,00 €
Award of the town of Torgau: 500,00 €
Award of the regional economy:
500,00 €
Award of Rotary-Club K. v. Bora Torgau -Oschatz: 500,00 €
Award of the Society of “Young Voices Leipzig e.V.” to one female or male student of the Leipzig college of music: 500,00 €


The applicants must participate in at least 3 events held during the run of the 2024 Academy course - singing different literature in each concert. A jury consisting of lecturers of the academy and the managing committee of the foundation will confer the awards.

The awards will be announced during the final concert on July 21, 2024.

KS Brigitte Eisenfeld
Master class 2014

The Torgauer Sängerakademie is an outstanding forge for young singers who want to develop further; it is constantly growing beyond the borders. In Torgau, you will experience first-hand what this profession means, and you will be prepared for the problems that belong to this profession. The competent team of lecturers, especially Prof. Elvira Dreßen, is committed to their protégés with much dedication, knowledge and good cooperation over these days. Even experienced singers gain experience for work onstage. It was a pleasure for me to experience this in Torgau during my masterclass 2014. I wish the academy and its team every success and a long life!


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